Monday, June 21, 2010

Special Offer


Dear Jim,
Thanks for your call this morning about having a special on carpet cleaning in my area. Here's the thing. FUCK OFF Jim. Stop calling me. You and your friendly person voice letting me know that people in "my area", whatever the hell that means, qualify for an exceptionally awesome opportunity to get:

Three rooms for the price of two.
A free hallway.
Four rooms for $69.
Free couch cleaning.
Free enema.

I'm on to you Jim. I know you're not a person. I know you're a recorded guy. Because no one who makes phone calls for a living is that happy. So why don't you just stop pretending to be on a MISSION FROM GOD to clean all of the damn carpets in "my area" and be yourself for the love of ginger. Talk in your regular Domo Origato Mr. Robato voice. I'm not fooled. Yes, sometimes I do need my carpet cleaned. Like ONCE a year. So I suppose that if you call me every effing day you will likely land on a day when I would be happy to hold for one of your operators standing by. But the last time we did this, you and me, I ended up paying three times the quoted price with a couple of hooligans who made me feel like an ass for hanging my mezuzah on the wrong side of the door for the last five years.

And the same goes for you too, Frank. And Christine. And Scott. For the record:
I don't want the San Jose Mercury News.
I don't need new rain gutters.
I do not want to donate to the Police Officers Fund.
I do not need a house alarm.
I already refinanced my home.

Furthermore, if by some twist of fate we ever run into each other, you better run before I punch you in "your area".


ps. are you impressed with our collection of phones? press one for yes.


Everything's Rosie said...

Oy! I'm definitely scared of you.

Natasha said...

LOL! This is fantastic! I need to send this to the car insurance people "in my area."

pixie said...

I am so covering "my area" when I see you...


RookieMom Whitney said...

Love the picture of the phones.

Due to my broken foot, I am especially irate about solicitation calls. Seriously? I got up coordinated my crutches and looked at the caller id and see "Northwestern University" and want to kill someone. (And not my husband who is signed up for a lifetime of this one-way relationship.)

aimee said...

now were you or were you not trying to foist 7 dozen teaspoons on your readers a few weeks ago? just sayin'.

damn i love your outbursts.