Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Full circle

Sabbath Circle

It's been a year since I left my day job to pursue my dream to be a working artist. A YEAR people. And to celebrate I had brunch with my friends Laura, the life coach that helped get this party started, and Chelsea, a hugely talented interior designer and friend from the coaching workshop we did with Laura. What fun to have come full circle and to be, all three, balancing our commitments to our families and doing what we love.

And apropos full circle, here's a little preview of what I've been working on lately. Lots of circles. And lots of tiny little icons. I came across an old friend via Facebook (of course) and it turns out that we have more in common than we ever knew. Last year she decided to follow her dream of working as an artist and she creates some of the most amazingly intricate paper cut designs and ketubot I have ever seen. Much of her work is circular and it just got me daydreaming of tiny little drawings spinning around themselves. Here's the first of three that I finished today. More to come.


AG Ambroult said...

Love this new direction you're headed in! I'm always captivated by mandalas, and all those tiny icons make for some trippy gazing.

nacherluver said...

Wow! Great work. Do you do that On the computer to assure it is precise? Looks great!
Congrats on your milestone :)

painted fish studio said...

congratulations on 1 year! as i struggle with my day job and wanting to leave it to focus on things i love, your post is inspiring... i wish you continued success in year 2!

Melissa Dinwiddie said...

Congrats on a full year, Susie! I love the new work. Keep it up!

Laura Bolter said...

Mazel tov to you on your anniversary!

Susie Lubell said...

thanks all!
nacherluver - I made a pie shaped drawing and painted it, then scanned and fiddled and rotated the image around itself twelve times. This project actually required me to create a 30 degree angle without a protractor! Which I did by bisecting an isosceles triangle with a right angle. And then I had flashbacks of ninth grade and went into my room to cry...

la ninja said...

¡FELICIDADES! hooray hooray.

and... stop the eye-rolling-at-yourself-business, woman.
we've had this e-conversation before, haven't we? :P

Lori said...

Congratulations Susie! You're awesome. That's why I love you :)

Shannon said...

congratulations to you! what a reason to celebrate. and aren't we happy you made that decision a year ago? thank you for sharing your art with us!

pixie said...

I love this piece! It is filled with such bounty.
Like you, mama. Bountiful babe.

Desert Savta said...

Congratulations on this special anniversary. Love all the new art you are creating, circles, monsters, happiness at home, etc. Keep up the wonderful work. We are always there behind you whispering good things. Love.

rachel awes said...

now this is the
kind of geometry
i love!
on your full circle..
i now squat down on the floor
& do that russian dance
(half my heritage!)
& kick out my feet
around your circle
in celebration!
(at least i can
do this in my
full circle imagination!).

;) said...

A rich year ! for a beautiful work !!

Gina said...

I love that image. Congratulations on following your dreams!

aimee said...


Bella Sinclair said...

Susie, this is spectacular! Love the circle-ness of it, and the repetition, the color. I love the little birdie on the branch. Beautiful! And congratulations and happy anniversary! You totally rock it!