Thursday, June 3, 2010

In motion


I've been on a painting hiatus for lack of space because of the studio/murphy bed project and, more recently, lack of motivation. The unintentional time off has left me questioning my abilities, passion, commitment, drive. This piece was commissioned by a friend whose only direction was to capture pieces of the natural world in motion. I'm enjoying painting it and grateful for the inspiration my friend has gifted me in this exchange.


aimee said...

why is it that time off so often works against us? glad you're back in motion - i'm loving what i'm seeing! if you happen to slip back into your errant ways, come back and see the birkey cockster. he'll whip you back into shape with one of his feathers.

AG Ambroult said...

I feel the same way about custom ordered pieces. Sometimes, it's nice to have direction, and even better to be challenged to explore something you may not have come to on your own.
I am suffering from lack of motivation. Seems as though I have given myself an almost 2-week vacation. (not good)

Lori said...

Did you finish this painting? it looks gorgeous! I want to see it!