Friday, March 5, 2010

Night Terror


We’re over jetlag. Mostly. I thought we were in the clear when I got my kids to bed at 10:20 on our second night in country. My hubris was a little premature. I also underestimated my own jetlag and while I tried to go to bed soon after them to maximize the overlap, I couldn’t fall asleep. I admit, it probably wasn’t the best night to start reading Twilight, the vampire saga. Realizing that I was the only female in the developed world between the ages of fifteen and forty-five who had not read this book, I picked it up in the airport. And, as promised, the story sucks you in, no pun intended. But by 1:30, after I’d read half of it, I knew I had to put it down, or suffer a miserable predawn awakening by two terrifying monsters of my own creation. And not two minutes after I turned off the lights did I jump out of my skin at the sight of a pale, barefoot demon with wild black hair hovering over my bed whispering I want cereal.


Everything's Rosie said...

Oh lord! Thank God it was only "broiler man!" (or was it Frieda?)

barbra said...

Haven't read it, haven't seen any movies. But you know, I always was a rebel. Maybe you didn't know that

Am wishing you a wonderful visit!

kate said...

my god - laughing again. i haven't read the book (and won't now!). a friend of mine wrote a vampire book that is pretty good in case you want more - it's called fangland.
hope to see you (up here or down there) soon.