Friday, April 10, 2009

Sleep Saga continues

The sleep situation is not improving. She's taken it to the next level and now when she comes to our room she actually brings her own pillow and blanket. I hear her pad in around 3 am, she hands me her pillow which I put long ways in the middle of the bed since that's the only way it will fit. Meanwhile she's gone back to her room to get her blanket. So, I mean, this girl's wide awake and fully functioning in the middle of the night. So she claws her way up the bed and over me to her bed away from bed and falls back asleep immediately. I just don't get it. And more importantly, I just don't know how to make it stop. We tried bringing her back to bed. We tried having her sleep on the floor in our room, instead of the bed. She's having nothing of that. I need a solution that takes into consideration the other person sleeping in her room and the fact that she doesn't sleep in a crib anymore and can get up at will.

I've mentioned this problem to friends and it turns out that EVERYONE'S kids are coming into their beds. As old as six or seven! I never knew this. I was that obnoxious parent who swore by sleep training (since it worked so well on our oldest) that I think other parents just stopped confiding in me about their nighttime disruptions for fear I would judge them. Which I would have. Now I know better. Although now I'm even a bigger proponent of sleep training when babies are young because while doing it at four months is hard (emotionally) I am telling you that doing it after the age two is IMPOSSIBLE.


Anonymous said...

Remember the song from the 60s:
"Wake up li'l Susie, wake up."
That was a foreshadowing of your life in your parenting days.
Ah! The power of lyrics.