Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Morning

This morning made up for that horrible afternoon the other day. My husband left very early and I had to get both kids out the door earlier than usual because my son had a dentist appointment. My daughter woke up and after having her banana she pointed to her diaper, said poo-poo (she says that no matter what's in her diaper. One time I found a crayon in there and she was calling it poo-poo) and then laid down on the floor in our room waiting to be changed. Who ARE you?

And that's how the morning went. I said get dressed, they got dressed. I said brush your teeth, everyone marched into the bathroom. Did someone slip something in their cereal milk? By 7:30 they were in the car ready to leave for an 8:00 appointment that was only 15 minutes away. What to do with all this free time?

What I did in fact was not rush my son who wanted to buckle his sister into her car seat. More accurately, she's the one who asked him to do it. Then he got himself in and we were off. Since we had my daughter with us I wasn't able to sit with my son in my lap for this appointment so he was a little nervous about being in the dentist chair by himself. But he was a star. Dr. Jones scraped the gunk off his teeth, polished them, flossed them and even did a fluoride treatment. My son squirmed a little but I reminded him he was in a rocket chair that was lifting off and had a water spout for inter-galactic hydrating. Where do I come up with this shit?

We left 20 minutes later with our dentist prizes in hand and I got the kids to school by 8:30 and myself to work by 9:00. Even drop-off was smooth. My daughter sometimes cries but today she just jumped out of my arms to go be the helper and take the chairs off the tables. And my son was excited to tell his best friend about the pink sandy toothpaste that Dr. Jones used.

Maybe we'll have a third.


Anonymous said...

omigod antonio got himself ready today too! something in the air i swear it! you may want to rethink the third - take it from a parent who's closer to the infant no-sleeping phase. love to the littles - see you at daycare!-R