Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pajama Day

Every day should be pajama day. The world is a better place to be when it's pajama day. My world anyway. The kids woke up and were THRILLED to put on their jammies (we're having a heat wave so they've been sleeping in their skivvies). I didn't have to negotiate with anyone or trick anyone. They just got dressed smiling. And that pretty much set the tone for the day. When I picked them up they were beaming, the whole day spent marching around in their full regalia.  Even I was transformed. We got home and I was inspired to blow up the kiddie pool. The disgusting, moldy kiddie pool that I first had to scrub down to get the scum off. The kids stripped down and I powered that thing up and filled it with two inches of freezing hose water. And they jumped around for two hours while I blew bubbles on them and made dinner and generally lollied around the house while they entertained themselves. It was awesome. Then I thought, what they heck I'll just give em a bath in the kiddie pool. So I soaped everyone up and scrubbed everyone's heads and privates, in that order, and before we knew it, it was time for dinner. After dinner they watched a little Curious George and had some apple slices. Then I brushed their teeth and shuffled them to bed with a few stories about Pinky and Pongo, two cats I made up whose antics bear a striking resemblance to my own kids'. Imagine that. Then a few songs and by 8:30 they were both asleep. 

Today was crazy hair day which unfortunately does not have the same effect. It's the National Week of the Young Child so tomorrow is cowboy day, but since my son's cowboy boots no longer fit him and I didn't get my shit together in time to get him boots that fit (in my defense he is a half size right now and they only sell the kind he wants in whole sizes), my guess is that cowboy day will not make my life easier the way that pajama day does.