Monday, April 27, 2009

Ferber shmerber

As the lord is my witness, the sleep trick is WORKING. These days she comes in around 6 am, goes straight for her spot, tucks herself in and goes back to sleep for another hour. The only reason I heard her this morning was because I set my alarm for 6 am thinking I would work out. Right.

Now this trick, was it written anywhere in any of the sleep manuals out there? No. Online anywhere? No. I had to make it up. Because no one talks about sleep training the second kid when two kids share a room. This crying it out business is for shit. It's for first born who lives in a sound proof room. And bringing them back to their beds a hundred million times at night? Rubbish. Because there is shrieking and dragging involved in that method. Pass. Tried it. Sucked.

So here is the only viable method for sleep training a second child who shares a room with her sibling.  Set your kid up with a sleeping area on the floor by your bed. Next time she arrives for some snuggle time with mommy and daddy, ask her if she wants to sleep next to mommy in a special bed on the floor. She will say yes. Tuck her in. Done. 

Years from now parents will be telling each other to "Susie-ize" their second born kids. That said, hundred bucks says she crawls into bed with us tonight and spend the next four hours digging her heels into my back just to remind me who's really calling the shots...


Anonymous said...

oh, that's rich! good one