Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Other Plague

The eleventh plague, which no one ever talks about, but which is second in severity only to the slaying of the first born, is the plague of the matzah crumbs. We have matzah crumbs in every friggin room in the house. I mean, who brings matzah into the bathroom? Probably no one - you just can't contain the stuff. It travels. This is the only week of the year when we allow shoes in the house because I swear matzah crumbs will tear your feet to shreds. We sweep it up, it comes right back. I even go so far as to wet the matzah so it's a little more supple but it still crumbles.

And all this without even mentioning the constipative qualities of matzah. I mean if we really wanted out of Egypt fast God should have made Matzah the first plague and ordered the Egyptians to eat it for a week. By the third day they'd have been begging the Jews to leave. I can hear the conversation between Pharoah and Moses: Alright alright Moses. I'll let your people go if you let my people "go".


Anonymous said...

oh! you're on a ROLL this week (I mean matzah!!!!!)


Susie Lubell said...

good one ma.

LF said...

oh, brie me a river. you just need a couple of dogs.