Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Copy rat

The other day after school the kids got home and my son decided it was time to play house and take care of his stuffed cat, aptly named Kitty. When his sister was born I got him a sling just like mine, but mini-sized, so that he could schlep around his things like I schlepped his sister. He wasn't much interested. But in the last year he's taken it out a few times as a favorite prop when playing house.

So I put it on him and stuffed his cat in with his head peeking out. So cute. Then my daughter wanted one too because she's in the me too stage. So I fashioned a sling for her out of a bandanna and we stuffed her rat Julio in there with his head peeking out. So cute. And the two of them proceeded to while away the rest of the afternoon taking care of their precious cargo. The cat and the rat remained even for dinner time. And I watched in amazement as my daughter did exactly everything that my son did. He picked up his glass of milk for a sip; she picked up hers. He pointed to the window and told me about the crow he saw; she pointed and blabbered something unintelligible, presumably about the crow. He ate his fish and cucumbers; she ate her fish and cucumbers. And she doesn't even like fish.

My son figured out this pattern and asked why little sisters always copy big brothers. That's how they learn, by watching and copying someone bigger. The same way that you learn by watching and copying Mommy and Aba. To which he replied, and that's why I need my own cell phone so I can watch and copy and learn from you. And then I swear I saw him wink.

I'm sending him to law school.


Anonymous said...

I love it. We all learn sooner or later that they are much cleverer than we are. He doesn't need law school.
Thinking of getting myself a new cell phone and giving him my old one. But haven't decided on that yet. Of course, once he sees the new one, he'll want that one. You never win.