Saturday, October 24, 2009

Who's who?

If it's been an especially long stretch of time that my kids are not shouting at each other I know I can find them sitting in front of my monitor watching the picture slide show when the screen saver activates. They both sit in my office chair and watch pictures go by and loudly proclaim a who's who of our friends and family. My son even likes to take pictures of the pictures on the screen which is sort of metaphysical. And odd.

And sometimes I take pictures of him taking pictures of the pictures on the screen saver. Just kidding. I don't do that. The kids occasionally get confused when the picture is one of them as a baby. They just shout out BABY! But then it's suddenly another picture and they're transported somewhere else. Like Grover Springs in the Eastern Sierras, where we took them over Memorial Day weekend last May with a small group including my husband's boss, Jonathan.

Him: Is that Israel?

Me: No, that's Gover Springs, where we went camping with Jonathan, Brenda, Vivek and Victoria from Aba's work.

Him: And Eric too.

Me: Right.

Him: Is Eric Brenda's baby?

Me: No, Eric is Victoria and Vivek's baby.

Him: Is Vivek Eric's aba?

Me: Yes, and Vivek is Victoria's husband.

Him: Does Brenda have a baby?

Me: Brenda has a baby in her tummy!

Him: Is Brenda Jonathan's wife?

Me: Yes.

Him: Who's Jonathan's husband? Aba?

in a manner of speaking...


Everything's Rosie said...

I love it. O the mind of a 5 year old getting all his ducks in a row!

aimee said...

how odd is this? my six year old does the same thing. she loves taking pictures of pictures and also of the TV. every time i let her have the camera i have to delete at least fifty screen shots of max and ruby, and at least five or six sneaky shots of me.