Saturday, October 10, 2009

Mish Mash

I'm having a kind of identity crisis. When I started this blog more than two years ago with two daily visitors, I was not really in artist mode. I was on maternity leave actually and feeling like a bad mom for never having kept a baby book to record all of those precious details like the color of baby's poop on day 137. More specifically I was in my head a lot since my only interaction was with a sleeping baby for seven hours a day (don't feel bad - I got to watch seasons 1-3 of LOST on DVD. Just what I needed) but I needed somewhere to write down all of that head junk. I figured it would be a journal mostly and I figured other moms would feel happiness and solidarity to know that their kids weren't the only ones who took comfort from sleeping with their parents' shoes. Although I'm pretty sure I'm still the only one whose kid ever did that. The point is the blog was never about my journey as an artist.

But then came my friend's ketubah and my revelation that I love to paint and create and my realization that I didn't want to work full time while my kids were still little and the time I did spend working I wanted to enjoy. And I started to paint again. Every week. And build my website and shop and start my newsletter and outreach. And so here we are. I have this blog about being a stay/work at/from home/studio mom/artist called Inner Toddler and this creative venture called Mishmish Studio and an online store called Mishmish Market (that's the ETSY shop - Mishmish Studio was taken). Does it all fit? Are you confused? (sorry). Do I seem confused? (I am a little).

Some artists just go by their names which I considered but my name doesn't really just roll off the tongue you know? Am I thinking about this too much? Does it even matter? Frankly I can't imagine only writing about my process as an artist. I mean you would fall asleep at your monitor. I would too. I'm falling asleep right now just thinking about it. Maybe I should have TWO blogs. But that would be a lot of extra work. Blogs don't need siblings.

And then sometimes I type so fast that I end up typing Inert Toddler and that makes me laugh thinking about a blog about toddlers that are inactive but then I think that's probably not funny at all and there's probably something wrong with those poor inert, toddlers. Wait, I'm losing my train of thought...

Yes, my brand. It's a mishmash at this point. I should have gone with Mishmash Studio instead of Mishmish Studio in the first place and saved us all the confusion.


Renee said...

I love the way your blog is because it is like life. There are many things in the one. When I look at only art blogs, I get bored.

Love Renee xoxo

aimee said...

oh, hell, keep it all together. the inert toddler, the identity crisis, the $2000 parking meters, the bad birthdays, your rants at fannie mae, your flipflopped mezuzah, the piece of art here and the piece of poop there - we're all loving it whether it's a mishmish or a mishmash or matsmsh (my word verication for this comment) or a studio or a market. keep it coming. that's what a blog is for anyway - discovering yourself, not pinning
yourself in a boxed brand. this blog is what makes you YOU and why we all keep coming back.

Susie Lubell said...

renee, you are such a gem.
aimee, you will laugh because I once had an idea to have a blog of just word verifications.

here's to self discovery. l'chaim girls.

Dana Barbieri said...

You are hilarious.
From a fellow fishie.