Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Celebrate your Inner Toddler


I decided last minute to bring a few packages of these little 3x3 inch gift cards to the last show I did and they sold out! So I'm making them available on ETSY. They come twelve in a pack with envelopes. Six boys and six girls.

And they have many many uses:

1. Kids birthday parties - duh.
2. Valentine's Day cards - add a little heart sticker to the chest!
3. Preschool trading cards
4. Cut off the backs and frame them in a collage.
5. Hang them from little clips to make a mobile.
6. Toddler Taro cards

What will you use them for? Leave a comment with your idea or, heck, just leave a nice comment, and on Friday I will randomly pick THREE winners. Woohoo.

Gift Card Variety


Lori said...

definitely toddler taro cards. they are adorable!

Unknown said...

Which is wicked?
Which is simple?
Which is wise?
Which doesn't know how to ask?

A game for next Pesach!

nacherluver said...

OMG!!! Too adorable!

I would definitely give them to my 6 y/o little girl to write lovely friendship letters to gift to her favorite friends. Mini-stationery for mini-princesses ;)

Terri said...

if i would just hold them in my hands and squeeeeal, does that count?

AG Ambroult said...

I'd make the kids write their thank you cards on them. Those adorable illustrations might make it a little less painful for everyone.

kustuck said...

i want them! i want them! i've got some thank you cards to write, and then just some cute little notes :).

Susie Lubell said...

oh you guys are good...

Handmade in Israel said...

Lovely, sweet cards. I knwow hat they stand for already ;) - but I'm not going to tell everyone!!!

ElindaMay said...

Super Duper Cute. Wish I'd bought some when they were right in front of me. I did keep admiring them. Does that count for something?

Dana said...

They are lovely! I would give the "boys" to my step-daughter to use them for her adorable little boy and the "girls" to a nephew for his gorgeous daughter.

no way said...

Here's what I thought when I saw that I was three posts behind on your blog when I opened my Google Reader: "Yessss!" Because I'm eating lunch right now, the house is silent (!!) and I'm in the mood for some good reading.

And I was planning to leave that comment before I saw your giveaway-I just love to read what you've written.

Now someone just opened their bedroom door to ask me if "quiet time" was over. Answer: "NO." I'm not done reading yet!

aimee said...

i totally need these for toddler tarot cards! maybe these cards will give me some answers!

Shannon said...

i'm loving the kids taro card idea...but i could also see using them as name plates or name tags for a playful, whimsical party. i want these! :) thanks for sharing your awesome imagination with us!

Everything's Rosie said...

Waaaaaaa! I want them too but I can't think of anything brilliant to write like your friends. How 'bout: as thank you notes for all of my friends who r going to bring me presents for my freshly painted and newly decorated home?

Taro schmaro

Kate England said...

Oh these are lovely! So bright and colourful! Love em!

Shelley Malone said...

Well, I COULD get my kids to use them for their thank you notes.

Or I COULD use them as birthday cards for all the little ones in our lives.

OR, I could just write happy little notes to people to see if it made them smile. (It would.)

But what I probably WOULD do is hang them all up in my craft room so I could selfishly admire them every day. And then I would say they were a Mother's Day present, and that's why I get to keep them all for myself.

Kaiscout said...

I would use them for party/wedding seating arrangements! Print the names of guests on the cards and, lo'-and-behold, the cutest name tags ever!! Guests could then take them home.

rachel awes said...

i know i'm late
but still thought
i'd play
for fun!...
to at least say
i love them!
they look like
to anyone
i could
give them to.x