Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One more coat Aba

Bubblegum polish

Thirteen years ago I was doing an assignment for Fodor's in Sharm El Sheik Egypt and Mr. Rosen came along as my heavy. Well he came along to stay in fancy hotels for free and generally hang out at the beach while I wrote about accommodation and dining in the Sinai. In this post I mentioned a big fight we had had over the color of my toes. I had just returned from the United States with bubble gum pink toenails and he was appalled. They did look appalling, but in a fun, summery way.

Take note of above picture. This is what having a daughter does to men I think. Makes them all squishy and devoted. Mr. Rosen only has one daughter and by the looks of it, that's all he's going to get. Which is fine because frankly I don't think he could love another little girl any more than he does this one.


AG Ambroult said...

and it's bubble gum pink, no less!
sweetness abounds in this post :)

aimee said...

the things we do for love! mr. rosen gets an A+ for making peace with pink toes. and also for agreeing to pose in his boxers!