Wednesday, May 4, 2011

No rest for the nesting

This sparkling oasis is not my bedroom unfortunately. 
It's from the May Anthopologie catalog.

I am officially in crazed nesting mode. Running around buying new pillows. Reupholstering my nursing chair. Desperate for a mid century walnut credenza. And my god if I don't find just the right fitted sheet I might die. This is what brought me to Anthropologie this morning. A single-mindedness so sharp and a belly so large I could only be one thing - a woman in her ninth month.

Unfortunately a woman in her ninth month does not have all her wits about her as she is too focused on putting the final touches on her baby - some more lung tissue, longer eyelashes, a few more feet of intestines and, in our case, seven more inches of hair. She cannot be bothered to remember trivial things like the fact that her husband's bike is strapped to the roof of her car.  For instance.

I pull into the lot and find the closest spot to the entrance because we are having a heat wave and my feet have suddenly swelled to twice their normal size. And this spot is especially lovely as it is under a shady tree. A very low-branched, shady tree, and now with fewer branches, as I plow Mr. Rosen's bike right through it. Oops.

I reverse and pull into a different spot further away, get out and examine the damage. The bike is on its side now, but seemingly intact. With no alternative I hoist myself onto the roof of my black wagon careful to avoid scalding my hands and knees and try to unhook the back tire so I can realign the bike and resume my mission. The wheel does not budge and no matter how I fidget with the strap I can't get it off the back tire.

Do you have an image of what's going on here? There is an eight month pregnant woman in a tank top on the roof of her car wrestling with a mountain bike. And it's me. Hi. So I get down and call Mr. Rosen who is home sick today with a high fever and the sweats. He explains what to do but says he's coming over anyway to be sure my water doesn't break on his mountain bike. Because that would be HORRIBLE. For the bike.

But I don't have patience so I get up there again and follow his instructions, get the bike vertical and strap it on. Now I'm covered in bike grease and shiny with sweat but the bike is back on and I have exactly five minutes to spend at Anthropologie which is exactly how long it takes me to peruse the three items in the sale section. I emerge from the store to find Mr. Rosen tightening the straps to protect me from future harm. What a guy.

Tomorrow I will attempt to re-roof our house. The end.


Dana said...

I am loughing so hard...
you are crazzy momama

Handmade in Israel said...

I love your posts so much! Can't wait to eventually meet you and laugh in real life too!

Kelly said...

Awesome!!! I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and I love the mental image of this scene!! Hang it there!!

Naomi Broudo said...

I am laughing out loud as I usually do reading your posts. Luckily I am usually alone so no one thinks I am crazy!

I know I shouldn't laugh, because this was a serious event and I am sure you were not laughing---but laughter is the best medicine for almost everything!

Happy nesting!

Unknown said...

Omg, falling off the couch in laughter... after reading this aloud to the Mr. who is also now in laughter.



Shannon said...

Thanks for making me laugh. Soo excited for you. Sending you lots of baby love... And Happy Mama's day!

AG Ambroult said...

Mr. Rosen is coming out the hero is many of your recent posts. whattaguy indeed!

And somewhere, some security crew is playing the tape of you wrestling the mountain bike over and over for the purpose of sheer entertainment.

Kelly Warren said...

very funny, and sounds like something I would do! glad i hopped over from Aimee's blog!