Monday, May 16, 2011

Breakfast love champion

Breakfast in bed

Sunday morning my son woke up, went pee and then walked straight to the kitchen. My daughter and I listened as it seemed like he was maybe doing the dishes. Highly unlikely. But we heard him drag the chair to the sink and turn on the faucet and jangle around some glass and ceramic sounding things. A few minutes later he arrived in my bedroom with a bowl full of cereal, a teaspoon for my daughter and a tablespoon for me. And a giant grin. He made us breakfast in bed. He got the measuring cup out of the sink and washed it, measured the cereal so he wouldn't put too much, poured milk to almost cover the cereal and served us in bed.

True tale.

Mr. Rosen had decided last minute to go camping near San Francisco and then run the Bay to Breakers race and spend a day and a half by himself before he's on house arrest the baby comes. I'm all for these kinds of short breaks. For him and for me. So I was solo with the kids. Two nights before I had had a complete panic attack which included sobbing and hyperventilating in my bed. It was so bad that my daughter started crying and came to nuzzle and comingle our snot. I had just received my new macbook pro and was trying to migrate everything from the old machine and nothing worked and I was (am) sitting on a pile of orders, not to mention two more commissions, and a bunch more organizing before I deliver, so I just completely lost my shit. And I think it dawned on these kids that mommies sometimes have a hard time too. Even this mommy. So they stepped up in a big way which included breakfast in bed from a boy who every day of his entire life has woken up grumpy and walked into our room to whine for breakfast before he even says hello. Well now he says good morning half a second before he asks for breakfast, at my insistence.

But then on a random Sunday - not my birthday and not mother's day - he goes and measures cereal for a covert breakfast mission and all is made lighter. One gesture and being a mommy feels magical again.

ps. I have since figured out my data migration problem and the world, mine at least, is a peaceful place.


Handmade in Israel said...

Absolutely wonderful! (Can he teach my ten year old please??)

Anonymous said...

See! It happens, just like that. I'm happy I get a few more months of you even if I never get to see you - except for an occasional dinner which we are SO excited to cook for you SOON!

aimee said...

this is classic inner toddler and i love you for it.