Thursday, February 4, 2010

Enormous Tiny News


Thanks to everyone for your support of my February (and rest of my life) endeavors. I'm pretty on track so far. Although I went to bed late on Tuesday but that's because of LOST. It was like a three-hour LOST-a-thon and I wasn't about to miss it because of some new found desire to live a more balanced life. I mean, it is LOST after all. I don't know why I feel compelled to capitalize that all the time. But I'll stop talking about it since I remember how annoying it was when everyone was talking about Twin Peaks and I didn't watch it or give a rat's ass about the show or who killed Laura.

But I'm two for two in terms of putting iMac to bed when the kiddles are home with me. It's actually easier than I anticipated. And my eyes have stopped burning. Also good.

But back to this post. A few things to announce.

The Enormous Tiny Art Show is very exciting for me because it's my first gallery show but also it's a group show with so many artists whose work I've really admired and loved like Pixie Campbell, Jessica Gonacha Swift, Lisa Congdon and Lisa Solomon. All of the work is original and smaller than 10x10 inches. They're having an opening reception on Friday (tomorrow) from 5-8 so if you live near Portsmouth, New Hampshire (I understand it's about an hour from Boston), then I encourage you to head over. And take some pictures for me. They probably don't let you do that in galleries. See how much I know about this stuff? zip.

The other exciting news is that many of my pieces are now available online via Rosenberry Rooms. They're an online retailer and purveyor of unique children's decor. Kind of fancy stuff actually. Anyway, my page is here. I talked to the owner back in May about this and things were moving along but then I stopped hearing from her. And I just figured they lost interest and because I often have the self esteem of a middle schooler, I left it. Hmmm. And then last week their merchandising manager sent me a link to my page. How 'bout that? These things apparently take a long time. Another thing I know nothing about.

Happy Thursday!


Aris said...

Let me first say YAY!!!! I am so happy for you! And then may I admit that this is a tiny little dream of mine as well . I just need to get going one of these days(: I live about 10-15 minutes away so I will certainly go see your work. It is a lovely space. I"ll try to take some photos thought I may not make it to the opening because the kids have croup at the moment. Congrats!! I am so happy for you!!!! Way to go Susie!!!!

aimee said...

nothing tiny about that news! a huge congrats to you - well deserved and i wish i could be there in person to see it!

p.s. and aris, you should be in that show, too!!

la ninja said...

nice one! congrats! alas, a bit far for me.

also, no need to become miss goody two-shoes and far too balanced now, ei. one thing at a time and if you heart LOST (note the caps) and feel like staying up watching it one evening, sod the regime. it's about the big picture, right?

bossy ninj

p.s. I reckon laura bloody killed herself managing to get everyone's knickers in a twist for years...

likeschocolate said...

Good Luck!

Shannon said...

Congrats to you on your first gallery show! How awesome.

rachel awes said...

congratulations on your news!! i just love your dear animals! it is so GOOD that your tender & dear drawings will touch more corners of our sweet earth!

jane said...

congrats! this is all really exciting. you see? you just have to have a little faith! wish i could go! besos!

laamie said... was the opening?