Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Julio Dispenser

This weekend I picked up a used toddler bed for my daughter. She's been sleeping on the floor catty corner to her brother for the last six months which has been fine but I decided it's time for her to learn how to sleep perpendicular on her bed for the night. She was in the habit of just rolling off her bed at night and even scooching herself unconsciously under her brother's bed. It's still unclear how she does it. So instead of installing a web cam and watching her sleep, we got her the bed. It has a little side rail that has so far done the trick keeping her in bed. But she continues to lose her stuffed rat Julio in the middle of night and either comes into our room saying more woo woo mommy! (which aside from being adorable is annoying). Or she just calls from her bed and I have to go in there and feel around for the favored rodent.

And it was just last night as I was returning to bed after one such episode that I thought of the Julio Dispenser! We could build a kind of mechanism where she just has to pull a string and another Julio arrives! Like they're lined up above her bed and when she pulls the string or presses the button, something opens and her favorite rat drops from the heavens! It could also be used for pacifiers or blankies or whatever else. And then in the morning they all go back up on the shelf or conveyor belt or whatever. It could be like a giant Pez!

You heard it here first.


Anonymous said...

A woo woo dispenser. Now I heard everything!

everything's rosie

Anonymous said...

How about getting hubby, the engineer, to design one?