Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Monday

Monday's are my favorite day of the week. I'm coming off of three days with my family and I need a break. And I usually have some work piled up and I'm happy to get to it. But, understandably, Monday's have been, until now, my son's least favorite day because he's coming off of three days with his mommy which he would like to turn into four, five, eight, nineteen, a zillion days with mom. He likes his school but each Monday he forgets. And each Monday afternoon he's had a great time.

But the thing that he especially likes about school is riding his bike there. Since he started riding without training wheels a few months ago, my husband has started letting him ride himself to school (accompanied of course). He used to ride on the back of his Aba's bike and I'd take his sister to school - not a great use of parental resources but our son really loves being on the bike and our daughter really hates the bike trailer. And now that he can ride his own bike he wants to do it everyday.

And it's a haul for a four-year-old. About three miles I think. It takes them 45 minutes. My son takes it very seriously. He's extremely cautious. He follows every instruction. And he arrives at school beaming. The added bonus for us is that he gets dressed immediately when he wakes up and he hustles to get out of the house quickly because he knows his Aba has to ride another ten miles to work after drop off. So it's a morning free of dawdling, whining and crying.

And that is why we switched our schedule around so that he can ride his bike to school on Mondays. And now Mondays are everyone's favorite day of the week. The end.


Anonymous said...

My favorite day too. Had a lovely lunch @ Rutabagorz with Marilyn and have just read your post, which, I must say has me feeling a lot better than yesterday's post.

I say trying to rationalize with someone who refuses to be rational just won't ever work. You can try it once or twice. Then just walk out and leave. He will still love you mieces to pieces 5 hours later. mom

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that he wants zillons of days with mom!