Saturday, August 1, 2009


So finally tonight my son looked me right in the eye and with great pride spewed out the five sleep tricks and the three additions because the squirrel gave him back the key and now those things are all locked in his head. He went to sleep without a peep. The other one, unfortunately, received the baton. And for the next hour she went back and forth between sobbing for Mommy and sobbing for Aba. She doesn't play favorites. Around the third round of this I was with her in their room singing her a song when she starts calling for Aba again.

Me: Should I get Aba?
Her: I get Aba.

OK then. Meanwhile Aba is in the back room trying to prepare for a crack of dawn triathlon tomorrow. I follow her a few paces behind so that I too can pass the baton and out walks Aquaman in the tightest wetsuit I have ever seen on anyone who doesn't actually live in water. And he's holding her and she's looking at him, like WTF. Naturally, several minutes later, she re-emerges asking for me because Aquaman's been called off to rescue a polar bear stranded on an ice-chunk in the Arctic Circle. I move her to my bed. Five minutes later she starts calling for Aba again. Aquaman returns to rescue this lovely thirty-five year old mother of two from her over-tired toddler. He falls in love with her despite the bags under her eyes and they live a long and happy life together. The end.


Everything's Rosie said...

I can just visualize your hubby in this outfit and your nostrils flaring upon viewing this rare speciman.

Perera Family Blog said...

Susie, I so love reading your blog because for that small amount of time it makes me forget the chaos that is my house:) I wish you guys lived closer because I think we would all have a blast hanging out with the kids....especially with Ali and Eric back here now. Anyway, love to you and Micah!


Dana said...

I am laughing so hard just imagening...

Desert Savta said...

Where was the camera?? Perhaps you could use it in one of you next paintings. Aquaman and the Jewish Mermaid

Anonymous said...

Good one Savta!

everything's rosie