Sunday, July 19, 2009


I'm on vacation. I left Friday evening and I go back tomorrow morning. And for the last two days I've been on vacation. So I have nothing to write about. No one pooped in their underwear. No one had a tantrum in a bathtub. And not a single person called me mommy in 48 hours.

I'm in San Diego with my friend (since we were nine years old) Andrea at her parents' condo and we are doing whatever we want. Yesterday we ate giant homemade yogurt parfaits out on the balcony overlooking the bay. Then we walked to downtown Coronado and looked at pretty things in shops. Then we had a yummy lunch and we ate it leisurely and chatted. Then we bought candy. Then she went to get a facial and I got a manicure pedicure. I had to pay an extra $10 for the woman to use a special tool to remove all of the black crust from my heels. But I was happy to pay because she got it all off and now I have human feet again. Then we walked home, took showers, put on dresses and went to see a movie. We saw Away We Go and it was great. Then we drove home and Andrea made me a caprese salad and some garlic toast. We talked until midnight and then went to bed. Today we woke up and had coffee. Went to a cafe and had more coffee. Drove to Torrey Pines State Park and hiked down to the beach where we realized we had no bathing suits and went in the ocean in our underwear. Then we hiked back to the car, drove home, showered and made giant caesar salads which we ate on the balcony. Then we drove to downtown San Diego and walked around, drove home and ordered greek food take-out which we ate while watching five episodes of Arrested Development. And now it's time for bed again.

And I just spoke to my favorite husband who said he had another great day with our kids. And I feel refreshed enough to be their mommy again.


Anonymous said...

Aaah, the power of a vacation! That's why I'm going to N.Y. this fall for a vacation away from all my grandbabies who only want me to play 24/7 with them hiding under the covers, playing Kaboom, cleaning their hinies (the way their mommies do it and no other way)reading the same storybook over and over again and then over again. Being with them USED to be my vacation. But as George 43 used to say,"It's Hard Work! Congrats on having the "seichel" to take a well deserved vacation.

Jules said...

Loved this post. Glad you had such a fantastic vacation!