Thursday, July 16, 2009

Behold, the poo poo

Well she's done it. Her Majesty has pooped in the potty. Here's how it all went down (or came out rather). After the final swim lesson and the congratulatory pizza party, we drove home. My daughter had been dry all day. She's been a champ actually. Never had any accidents at school. Only a few at home. And then the daily poop in the underwear thing. The other day she apparently was in the pool with my husband and I had forgotten to give him a swim diaper so he was on high alert asking her every three minutes if she had to go. She finally said poo poo and he hoisted her out. She asked to be in her towel, sat down on a chez lounge and did her business in her suit. So we figure she knows all about the sensation. She's just afraid of the end result.

We get home and she's playing in this little indoor tent and next thing I know she's yelling pee pee woo woo and it turns out she peed on Julio the rat and baby Julio, the smaller rat. So I get her out of what we now call the urinal and bring her into the bathroom. I strip her down and she and my son jump in the tub. Then he suddenly has to poop so he gets out and makes a dash for the toilet. Meanwhile I go outside to hose down the tent and I hear some noises and finally some crying. I rush back into the bathroom. The boy is still on the pot and my daughter is standing over her potty terrified because she has just pooped in it! Straight shot! So we're all clapping for her, including my son and she's shrieking. But we quickly wipe her and give her two chocolate raisins and soon she is equally joyous and everyone returns to the bath with an empty bowel and enjoys their own washcloths and no one has any tantrums and the world is peaceful.


Everything's Rosie said...

May you have a peaceful shabbat knowing the little princess has pooped her bowel in her bowl! Mazal tov!