Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy reunion

While I wait for a painting to dry and since I've almost dipped my paintbrush in my coffee for the fifth time, it is obviously time for a break. Hi. How ya doin?

I picked my kids up from school yesterday having not seen them all weekend and they were HUGE. They each grew nineteen inches. My son had a mustache and my daughter had boobs. My kids were running the school. Making phone calls in the office. Decorating the bulletin boards. I said, excuse me? Sir with the mustache? Do you know where my son is? He's about forty inches high and hasn't gone through puberty?

And he said, mommy, it's me! You were gone so long. A lot has changed. Now I'm in charge of preschool. I drop Aba off at work and then drive here in the black car. The curriculum focuses primarily on cell phone technology and dress-up. Would you like a chicken nugget?

Me: What about your sister?
Him: She works with me! And her kids are in preK! We missed you mommy.

It was amazing. They had changed so much. And as we got in the car and drove to swim class the shock of having not seen them in three days wore off and they returned to their normal prepubescent selves. And when my son started crying at swim lessons because he wanted to be back in level one, then I knew it had all been a trick of the imagination and I was reassured that I had not actually missed that much and all was back to our version of normal.


Anonymous said...

very cute.Be careful what yhou wish for. You don't want them to grow up too fast.

Susie Lubell said...

I wasn't wishing for them to grow up. I was shocked and dismayed at how much they'd grown while I was away.

Desert Savta said...

Imagine how much they have changed each time we see them. So thanks for the little movies and for skype. It keeps us up to date- at some level.