Wednesday, February 15, 2012



Dear Sugar Bee,

You're five today and I can hardly believe I just typed that. What a year it has been for you, for all of us. We started off on the wrong foot with pneumonia and you are still talking about the shot of antibiotics you got in your butt. You might never forget that one. And then you got a baby brother. And then you went on a month long road trip. And then you moved to a new house. And then to a new country! Talk about resilience and an almost heroic flexibility. It hasn't always been easy. And you've had some rough spells. But you have an understanding of yourself that frankly startles me sometimes. You get upset; we all do. And then you remove yourself, set up your dolls and clear your head. That's your process. And soon you are back to your shining spunky self. And then you like to talk about what all just happened. How you were mad and crazy, how you calmed down and got back in control. How we can talk about it after and still love each other. I appreciate processing these outbursts together. I hope we can always communicate like that.

Probably the biggest event for you this year, even bigger than moving to Israel, was becoming a big sister. Even though I know you'd prefer to still be the baby, as you have made clear in words and actions, you are a fantastic big sister. And that little boy is bonzo about you. Everything you do makes him giggle and you know it. He gets flooded with joy when he sees you. I admit, I feel that way too sometimes. What a lucky boy he is to have a sister as animated and intuitive as you. And as much as you and your older brother make each other nuts, I know there is a closeness between you too. Not every brother would take the time to pick out his sister's birthday outfit for preschool. Thankfully he can put together an outfit.

Your Aba continues to think the sun shines from your tush. He's right. You are a lovely, lovely girl and we are so lucky to have you as our daughter. Watching you grow has been one of the universe's greatest gifts to me.

many many kisses,


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Jennifer Richardson said...

bountiful tears over here
at the fresh painted beauty
of your words!
magnificent legacy you're building
what an outrageously blessed kiddo!
thanks for the warm heartshare,

Faith Evans-Sills said...

This post made me cry as my soon to be 5 year old girl sounds so much like yours! Wow, 5 years went so fast huh? I still think that my little girl is a baby and then I step back and look at her, and now she will become a big sister herself this year! Thank you so much for your sweet thoughtful post on my blog regarding my pregnancy, it makes me SO happy to hear that 3 is awesome!! That is the sort of thing that I need to hold in my sights!!

Sarit said...

I hope you read this to her...

Bella Sinclair said...

Your birthday love letters melt my heart. Happy Birthday, sunshine tush. You are a beautiful 5!

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My First Skool said...

Such a heart warming entry. Children grows so fast, its like in a blink of an eye and suddenly they are all grown up. Then we tend to look back on how far we have gone through with the little angel (sometimes turn to devil) by your side. That sort of give you a smile and satisfaction :)