Thursday, March 1, 2012


A few cozy homies at a ceramics co-op on Yoel Salomon Street, Jerusalem

It has been a festive few weeks with visitors and celebrations. Right now we're especially delirious to have GRANDMA visiting all the way from California during what is possibly the rainiest week ever in the history of Israel dating back to the time of King Herrod. Sorry Grandma. But we managed to get in a few jaunts to favorite nearby cafes, ceramic co-ops and jewelry shops before the real deluge began. Grandma is here for another two weeks so my presence here will be sporadic, not to be confused with the presence of spores in our bathroom from all of the rain. Nice. Love rentals.

But before I go I have a favor to ask. My old friend and Inner Toddler enthusiast Mona has nominated me in the Best Family Blog category of the Homies on Apartment Therapy. I love Apartment Therapy and would love a Homie to go next to my Tony and my Oscar. Here's the catch: voting ends March 2 EST (Ack! That's tomorrow!) and you have to sign in to vote. Bummer. But don't let that discourage you!  It only takes a minute. Maybe less. Okay homies? Tell everyone you know! Let's start a revolution!


jane said...

Enjoy your visit.
I'm going now!

Bella Sinclair said...

Aw crud. Voting's closed. :( Solly.

Have a wonderful visit with Grandma! Hope it dries up soon!

Miriam Seitler said...

Amazing pictures! Thanks for sharing your experiences! Love Purim too!

Miriam Seitler said...

Amazing pictures. Loved reading your Israeli purim experiences!

Enrichment Class for Kids said...

So, did the blog win? How did your visit goes?

Love reading your blog