Thursday, February 9, 2012

Animal stack

They were all waiting to see if Yertle would show up. 
The suspense was killing them.

We have a bin full of plastic animals that my son used to play with but instead of having them roar at each other and flying them around the house making monkey noises like most kids, he used to try to stack them like blocks. Except they don't exactly stack. He'd have to balance each one on top of the other very carefully.  He figured out that he always had to start with the lion and then the hippo and then it was enough support to hold the cow, a kangaroo and sometimes the lamb on top. It was pretty incredible to watch.

These animals were inspired by our recent trip to the Jerusalem Zoo. It threatened to be a rainy and disgusting day so no one was there. Just us. Really. Maybe one other family. In the whole friggin zoo. The guy at the front let us in for half price explaining that half the animals would be inside because of the rain. In fact, it didn't rain. It was a gorgeous day. Most of the animals were out. And some of them were even stacked. OK, only the mosaic sculpture ones in the children's petting area. But pretty impressive nonetheless.

Jerusalem Zoo

Jerusalem Zoo


rachel awes said...

i love your stack so very much!
+ adore the story of their suspense!! sweet heart, you are SO talented. LOVE to you from way over here in the world to way over there in the world...but just close ~ from me to you. xox

Everything's Rosie said...

Love the painting. You're amazing.

Cindy D. said...

Fantastic bunch of creatures with great faces. And that's a great story about having the zoo to yourselves!

Bella Sinclair said...

That's so cute! Aaah, I love them! The shape and coloring in the ellie delights me to no end. :)

And those sculptures! Oh my gosh, those are fabulous. You know, when you first said the animals were stacked, I thought, "Uh oh, a biology teaching moment for the kids." Glad they were pieces of art instead. Ha!

AG Ambroult said...

those mosaic sculptures are pretty awesome, and your painted stack is, in my humble opinion, even better.
bBut I think your boy's animal stack story is the best. We have a zillion of those tiny plastic animals and, while my kids have done some pretty progressive things with them, I can honestly say that I don't think they have ever stacked them. Hmn. (but they did make this one little gray cat the ruler of them all. Her name is Madam C, and she's a total bitch)

Anonymous said...