Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thar She Blows

I'm getting large. And, trust me, I am profoundly aware of my size. So when I say that I'm five and a half months along, do me a favor and say this exact phrase: Gee, you look great.

Do not veer from the phrase. Clever add-ons like "for a whale" or "Any day now right?" should be avoided. And I don't need to know about how you looked like I do now when you were on your way to the hospital. Or how I must be having twins. Good one. Original.

But speaking of whales, and originals, this chunky little original acrylic is today's Daily Deal. Thar she blows.


rachel awes said...

you blow me away
with what flows out
of your imagination
& all the beautiful life
that lives in your waters.

Unknown said...

Rachel above said it perfectly!
I'm so thrilled to see your very life giving birth to new adventures.... I LOVE this painting!!!! The word verification is "swisba"... sounds like a good description... You are Rad & full of Swisba ;)

Desert Savta said...

Gee, you look great!!!! - always.

Kristal said...

So I was super disappointed that this was sold by the time I saw husband loves John Muir and I love that quote! I have decided it must be used in the room I'm planning for when my daughter has to share her room with number two coming this summer. When my husband got home I told him my disappointment he decided to ruin the surprise that he bought the framed plowshares that was the first special deal you posted....I am super excited to hang it in our home!

Susie Lubell said...

Rachel-everything that comes out of you is poetry!
Carisa - I'll have me some swisba!

Susie Lubell said...

Kristal! So happy to hear from you and your husband. What a great story! YOu know, there's a name print in the collection and I use that quote...something to keep in mind! xo

aimee said...

there is no way you could be huge. you are a peanut! i wish i could see you right now in all your belly glory!

ladaisi said...

Gee. you look great.

Faith said...

I come over here and I am just laughing, you crack me up! The things people say to pregnant woman are astounding! I'm sure you look beautiful.

AG Ambroult said...

People ALWAYS said "any day now, right?" to me and it made me want to both cry and spit on them at the same time. What UP with that?
(have you ever seen the "what up with that" skit on Sat Night Live? You should.

Dori Patrick said...

Hee hee. Your post made me laugh. When I was pregnant with my second child, I was big instantly....I still had four months to go, when someone said, "oh you must be ready to pop any day now." I smiled sweetly, and said "yes, if you mean, pop you in the mouth." Then my hubby scuttled me away before I really did hurt someone. Ha! Hang in there!