Thursday, February 3, 2011

The one where I mention we're moving to Israel

Jerusalem Arch Door
Jerusalem doorway

How's that for a zinger title?
It's been ten wonderful years but we are finally closing up shop in America folks. And moving back to Israel. Holy crap, that's right.  And we're doing it this summer. With an infant. So I'm a little overwhelmed. And a little stressed. But relieved to have made this decision because nothing sucks more than indecision. Except for hemorrhoids.

I'm excited about the move though I have no delusions that this will be easy or comfortable or enjoyable. At least for the first six to twelve twenty-four months in country. I figure if I keep my expectations very low there's a chance I'll be pleasantly surprised.  Or an opportunity for an "I told you it would be a nightmare" open dialogue with Mr. Rosen. That said, the enormity of it all is kind of making me feel like having a third baby is no big deal. When you compare it to selling your home, finding a place to live in another country, a school for your big kid, a preschool for your little kid, a job nearby for your husband, all within an hour drive to your in laws, in a good school district, in a place that's beautiful, and affordable, and not blazing hot in the summer, and move all your stuff there, by boat, and buy a car, and modify your business for international fulfillment, and find new doctors, new dentists, a replacement for Trader Joe's (as if it were possible) and be emotionally available for your distressed children all the while caring for your infant without the benefit of your own mommy nearby as you navigate the social and educational systems being the functional illiterate that you are, yes, having a third child seems like a walk in the park. This without mention of occasional bombings from Gaza. Or Lebanon. Or, even more life-threatening, the maniacal way people drive in Israel.

But here are many things I am looking forward to, in no particular order:
  • Having a bigger house. 
  • Starting fresh.
  • Getting old funky furniture from the south Tel Aviv flea market.
  • Connecting with the vibrant art and design community.
  • Shoko b'sakit (come visit me and I'll buy you one).
  • Fantastic grandparents who are available for babysitting. And sleep-overs.
  • Cheap outbound shipping (so say my Israeli ETSY comrades).
  • Long weekends in Turkey, Greece, Cypress, Czech Republic, Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt...
  • Not having to take my kids out of school for Jewish holidays.
  • Really strong lattes. Stronger than Peets.
  • Olives.
  • Fresh pita.
  • Sabbath.
  • School that's six days a week (!!)
  • Fully bilingual kids.
  • Aunt Dana and Uncle Yaniv.
  • Jerusalem.
  • The Mediterranean Sea. Despite the jellyfish.
  • Grocers calling me sweetie. (Trust me, it's endearing).
  • Getting out of traffic tickets just by speaking English. 
  • The shoes.
So I hope you won't mind if I dream and rant and process with you as this next part of our life unfolds. And Israeli readers are welcome to send information about your awesome elementary school and community. I'm all ears.


curly girl said...

Wow! Mazal tov on reaching this momentous decision! It all sounds wonderful and I hope someday to visit you there!

Inner Toddler said...

thanks Laura! our door is open! xox

Aliza said...

YAHOOOOOOOO! Make an announcement when the date is relevant. I'll help unpack! (where to? TA?)

Inner Toddler said...

Probably the Emek Haela area or further west in the Gezer area. Close enough for work near TA but not in TA.

Christine E-E said...

what is the date for your move? will you have your etsy store? and I assume you will continue blogging. I like your list of reasons to move! I'm sure there are many more reasons that you will add to the list as the date moves closer! Change is good!

Inner Toddler said...

Christine - we'll leave mid-summer if all goes as planned. School starts 9/1 there so we'll leave ourselves a few weeks to get situated. the list is indeed very long. everyday I think of more reasons to go back. But there are many things/people to be missed too. The blog will continue - trust me, there will be plenty to write about! And ETSY too. Business is portable! woohoo.

Dana said...

I am sooooooo excited !!!!
Can't wait :)
good luck with all the Preparations.

tulpen said...

How incredibly cool.

I'm very happy for you... and feeling overwhelmeed also on your behalf.

AG Ambroult said...

Sigh. Ok. When i first read this i thought, "wow, how exciting!"
About a second after that i thought, "shit. Well now that really screws with my plans to eventually make it back to CA, where we could chat in person."
In summary:
Wah wah, for me. Huge hive fives all around for your and your family's newest adventure.

aimee said...

woweeee! you have so much going on that when you go into labor, you're going to snap your fingers and say, oh YEAH! i almost forgot... hi baby...

p.s. i will hold you to that long weekend somewhere in europe!

Inner Toddler said...

Amy/Aimee - there might just be a paris meet up in our future...crepes with nutella are on me.

Inner Toddler said...

tulpen - one day at a time! the things we get through...

~Valentina~ said...

Shocking! Well... not really shocking, I really was expecting this post after your moving post. You're brave. I think it's going to be an amazing ;)

Lori said...

It would be impossible for me to love you more- You are great. I love this post, how funny and real you are. I think the things you are looking forward to will out weigh the run on sentence of scary things. Yes. You are brave and beautiful! Go mama!

btw, I'm coming with Aimee. Hear me Aimee?

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I have to say I was just waiting for this - sad to see you go but continue to be in awe of your ability to follow what you want. In the words of Marianne Williamson, "As we let our light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence actually liberates others."

Naomi Broudo said...

You had me at the Shoko b'sakit... You are so brave! I am sooo jealous.It will definitely not be a walk in the park, but there is always Shoko b'sakit, and prili and falafel and roasted nuts at the bus station to keep you calm and make you remember why you are there and get you thorough any temporary pulling your hair out over some Israeli screaming at you in a line up at the bank... ah the good old days!

Amazing, really. All the best Susie. Good luck with everything!

RookieMom Whitney said...

Since I knew this fun fact about you already, let me just get down to business on Israeli shoes. Here they are only sold in sizes 36 and above. I wear a 35. I bitch about this constantly and go into Rabat and other stores all the time without bothering to browse and just yell from the doorway, "Do you buy 35s?"

My question is, in Israel, where the people might run small, can you buy 35s?

Anonymous said...

Obviously we are delighted (and a bit vicariously stressed for you) since we are the "fabulous grandparents) who can't wait to help out and just be there for you and the whole gang.

DR said...

Dear Suzi,
so happy for you! Home is home, for is it is winter cold Canada but I miss home so much.

Will you continue with your art studio while in Israel? I know I have been planning to buy some art forever and as soon as my husband and i have some job secured (heopefully soon) I will get on that.

Hope you are feeling well. It seems like Isreal is where you belong!

painted fish studio said...

you are my kind of crazy!

i love your attitude about it all, and i'm so excited for you and your family. i can't wait to read about the adventures! but i'll miss the opportunity to see you in person here and there...

painted fish studio said...

ps - i'm coming with aimee and lori, ok?! i'll get my own room so you won't hear me snore.

Leaves and Feathers said...

So exciting, so thrilled, and so overwhelmed right with you. What you described is so similar to how I am feeling about our planned move from NYC to Charleston this coming summer, and there is nothing international (or having a 3rd child) about our move, so I imagine that you must be totally swamped. So impressed with your decision, and love to see everyone follow their dreams!! What joy there will be in this!! I look forward to following along on your journey.

no way said...

Oh my gosh, Susie, this made my heart beat fast just thinking about it. HOWEVER...

School six days a week?!? Holllllaaa!

(I always feel like such a jerk for enjoying the quiet time I have while my kids are in school.)