Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Distractions and Monsters

monster sketches

I just had to close one my tabs because I couldn't stop myself from watching another video clip with the producers of LOST. I'm that obsessed. It's starting again next Tuesday and I'm already trying to figure out how I'm going to get my kids to bed a half hour earlier than normal so I can watch the two hour premiere because it's my husband's bass guitar lesson night. In fact, I should really just get him to switch nights for the next four months. It's that important. OK it's not really that important. But it's exciting. It's the only show I watch, besides Glee which is off the air until April. Humor me.

I'm also distracted by the fact that I think we are moving. I'm not sure exactly how and when but I think soon. So that's the when. The how part remains a mystery. We need more space. So we met with a realtor and started figuring out what we might list at and a rough time line. But then I can't quite get my head around where we live after that. Do we rent something? In a better school district? Do we find another house? Can we even afford anything? California sucks in that way. So I'm distracted by MLS Listings and craigslist. And I'm dreaming of houses but worried about sinking all our money back into a real estate nightmare.

And all of this explains why I have been drawing little houses with monsters hiding in the landscaping. In fact the houses are Eichlers which are little, modern-looking houses that were built by Joseph Eichler in the fifties, sixties and seventies in parts of California - namely Orange County, where I grew up, and Palo Alto, close to where we live now and where the school district is better, where even the puny ones (950 sf) cost about 1.5 million. Welcome to the nightmare. What's ironic is I used to hate Eichlers. They're a little Brady Bunchy. Marsha Marsha Marsha!


no way said...

Having just navigated the whole home selling/home buying process myself, I feel your pain. It was scary and full of questions (we were also considering renting for a while) but in the end, it worked out. We ended up taking several paths we never expected to take, but we now (finally!) live in a home we love.

California is expensive! Yow! Chicago is also expensive and people suggested we move to the suburbs to save some $$, but we love this neighborhood, and here we are. I hope your real estate journey take you exactly where you want it to-even if there are some surprises along the way!

aimee said...

i adored that monsters in the landscaping painting on sight, but now that i know the story behind it, i am simply moony over it! i am so picky about houses (we've moved a lot and have seen more houses than i care to count), and there are certain types that i just will not live in. i can see the monsters in the landscaping a mile away, and then they come out in droves the minute i cross the threshold. they ooze out of the cabinets, the floors, the bonus rooms and every other crevice.

i wish you strength and luck to get in just the right house at just the right price. look out for those monsters.