Tuesday, September 15, 2009


OK. Here's what's going on. I just sent out the Mishmish Studio newsletter volume 3 which you can see here if you don't currently subscribe. If you'd like to subscribe (I send them out every few months) then go here.

My daughter's ear infection has returned. Her doctor said her ear looked like pea soup. Never good. So now she has another course of antibiotics which she can't stand and most of it ends up in her hair plus her ear is draining, the eardrum having likely burst during the flight home from New Mexico (I was like what on earth is all of the brown crap on her sheets if it's not actually brown crap). And that pea soup gunk, well it doesn't exactly smell like pea soup. It's putrid. And that's in her hair too. So she's really got a lot going for her right now.

And she's back to creeping under her bed. And calling for me at 2am because she's stuck under there. Her bed is maybe eight inches off the ground! How she can get her big head through? I need a web cam.

Oh, and I started a sewing class! I have my grandmother's old Singer and even though my husband has tried to teach me many times how to sew I still kind of suck at it. So I joined this class with about 16 other old ladies. It's a hoot. Yesterday I made a little wallet and a purple Knapsack. The craftsmanship is hideous but on the outside they look cute! Now I need cool fabrics. Knapsacks for everyone who comes to my surprise birthday party next year!

Notice the fine stitching detail. Is there an opposite to craftsmanship? Like slobmanship?


aimee said...

is this a recurring thing? are you going the way of tubes? we had to do that with #1. we had more or less a monthly appointment for her ears and finally realized those infections were not going away on their own.

i think it's awesome that your husband knows how to sew!