Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Happy Birthday to You

It's my birthday today. I have a lot of things to write on the subject but right now I'm "watching" my kids since their preschool doesn't begin until tomorrow. But I did want to let you know that I'm having a 15% off sale for PapernStitch readers. This month I'm featured on PapernStitch which is a wonderful curated collection of handmade items. Art. Jewelry. Threads. Goodies of all shapes and sizes. There are 70 designers in the collection this month and I'm one of them! Woohoo.

And a week ago I had told Brittni, the woman behind PapernStitch, that I would be happy to run a sale through her on all prints for customers who write PAPERNSTITCH in the note to seller at checkout. I hadn't heard from her and almost wrote her yesterday to say, how bout be do it on my birthday! And she did, without my even writing. Because that's how the world works people. You have a thought and then the universe conspires to actualize it. Well, not always, but it's fun when it does happen.

So go to PapernStitch and have a look at all of the goodies. My stuff is here.


aimee said...

looks great! your watercolors are so cool!