Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Off button

A friend of mine recently posted about how her four year old is driving her nuts with all of his questions, especially since most of the time he knows the answer. My son does that too. But I have to say what's more annoying is his endless making sense of everything. The other day I was trying to figure out how to use the new calling card I just bought so I could finally call my friend Miriam in Israel and my son was just piping away about the inner workings of my scanner. It went something like this:

Mommy, scanners are really good for sending pictures to grandma because you can open the lid, put the picture in it, press the button and listen for the scanning noises, whooszh, whooszh, and then the picture comes on the computer so you can put it in an email and send it Grandma! And then if I want to send another picture I just open the lid again and take out the first picture and put in another one, maybe of a frog or something like that, and then I do the whole thing again. Or maybe a rainbow or a triangle. But sometimes it's better if we print pictures, right mommy? Because then I just have to press the button so it turns orange and then you can press print when you click the mouse and then you put the paper in that I can't touch even though I really like paper but you say my hands are dirty but I just washed them and then I press the button again so the paper goes in and then the inks go! And they make the colors! Like the rainbow! Is it better to scan or to print mommy? I like printing better because then we can see the rainbow colors unless the printer needs more ink and then I have to open it for you and see the blinking light on the inks and take one out and you have to unwrap the new one and I put it in and then we close the lid again! And then I push the off button. We're really good at printing and scanning, right mommy? I love you mommy.

I wish it was as simple as pushing the off button. I had to finally walk away from the computer because I felt a brain hemorrhage coming on.


Maria said...

I think you may be talking about my son!! His batteries don't turn off at all - even when he's sleeping, he's thinking constantly so that he's ready to talk my ear off the next day.
I really like your blog - You're preaching to the choir!!

Susie Lubell said...

they just don't come up for air!

Everything's Rosie said...

Omg. you captured my grandson to a 't'. Imagine hearing him on the phone where some of the words are muffled and I have to make sense of his sentences and actually reply! Grandma, are you at the gallery or at home? Are you walking or in Yoga? Are you on your cell phone or your land line phone, the land line upstairs or downstairs? Did you have breakfast yet or are you still in bed?What time did you get up? Was it when I was aleady in the park with aba or later and on and on. Child, have mercy on me! (But I wouldn't trade him for anyone in the world.)

Anonymous said...

When are you going to teach him how to connect to skype on his own? He doesn't need you for that. (ha ha)
Desert Savta

Designed with love said...

He is the cutest! You've gotta love that. What a smart cookie!

Mama PhD said...

YES! I just posted the ABBREVIATED version. I love your blog.