Sunday, January 27, 2008

Why I love my kids

One reason anyway. It's been raining here a lot and my kids have been stuck inside mainly driving me crazy. Today I left them playing in my room for a few minutes to check my email. My son packed his carry-on suitcase full of his most important possessions (like his cell phone, box of stickers, wallet, keys, doll house family and markers) and brought them into my room to entertain his sister. When I turned around after twenty minutes or so to see what they were doing, I see my son is putting stickers all over the back of my daughter's sweatshirt while she is chewing on some crayons.

Him: See mommy? I put them on her back so she doesn't get them and eat them.
Me: That's so thoughtful sweety. She looks pretty with her stickers.
Him: Ya, I decorated her. I'm a good big brother.

He's happy. She's happy. No one is bugging me. No one is choking on small objects or grabbing toys. Just a brother accessorizing his baby sister. What could be better.