Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Slap happy

A few weeks ago I'm sitting in the living room with my son watching Winnie the Pooh's Grand Adventure which, if you haven't seen it, is great entertainment - wholesome, educational, well-animated. I can see why he'd want to watch it seven trillion times. It just doesn't get old. But anyway in the middle he leaves me to go pee. I love when he does that. I don't ask. He doesn't announce. He just goes, pees, flushes, washes, comes back. No production. Just pee where it's supposed to be.

But this time while he's gone I hear a funny slapping noise so I go to investigate and he's in fact facing the toilet with his pants down slapping his own butt.

Me: What are you doing honey?
Him: Aba taught me to do that.
Me: To do what?
Him: To make the last pee pee come out.

I mean if that is not the funniest thing. I can just picture my husband sharing this bit of timeless masculine wisdom with his son. You see kid, you just give yourself a little slap and the last drop goes in the toilet. This is how our people have done it for millennia. Can't you just imagine Abraham saying those same words to Isaac right before he tried to sacrifice him? It's another iconic Torah moment! To my husband's credit, it does work. Parenting a boy is fascinating stuff. I wonder what trade secret I'll uncover next.


Anonymous said...

That is FAN-tastic! What a wonderful (hilarious) tradition to pass down! Oh my gosh - kids are so awesome!