Friday, August 24, 2007

Riverdancer number 11

I tell you, no matter how clever I think I am, someone else came up with it before me.

I remember about ten years ago I was chatting with a colleague of mine about how if only we could invent something and get rich and never have to work again. I said, wouldn't it be great if there was a kind of technology that would make it so the computer would remember you no matter what site you went onto and then you wouldn't have to continually fill in your personal information or payment details. Apparently that's called a cookie. Who knew?

The other day my daughter was bouncing around in her new jumpy thingy that hangs from the door jam. A friend of mine gave me her old one so we tried it out and baby girl was pretty into it. In fact she was so cute we decided to videotape her and put it to River Dance music because she was stiffening her legs in that "doing an Irish jig" fashion.

The video was so cute and he we were feeling all clever until we posted it on google videos and noticed another 10+ videos called Riverdancer featuring babies in door jam jumpies. None as cute as my daughter (naturally), but still...

There's just nothing new under the sun.

Although this morning, I was in such a fog, I put my acne serum in my hair. It actually made my hair quite manageable. So there you go - a brand new application for Benzoyl Peroxide. Stay tuned to see what I come up with tomorrow. Perhaps I'll rub shampoo on my zits.


cooler*doula said...

Ah... We're just all wired the same... Comforting when you're older - a nightmare when you're a teenager and absorbed in your one-of-a-kindness.

My friend was talking about this the other day, and how she needed to come up with some billionaire-making mom idea...

"oooh. I know, I know!" said her husband. "cushiony things around the bottom of the crib to stop the baby from bumping into the slats..."

(yeah. really. at least he was trying.)

as for the poopscapades... the kid mixed it up by pooping during his nap, and then again in the afternoon in his undies and then (for good measure) ONE MORE TIME... in the bath, just as I walked out to get his jammies. he slung it out onto the floor and then hollered "BIG POOP!"

indeed, kid, indeed.

as in your home, nudie-ness happens here at shower and bathtime. undecided as to when we'll start covering up.

long comment - let us know about that shampoo...

Susie said...

confirmed that shampoo does not cure acne. Pity since it's so cheap. And why is it that a 34 year old should have acne? Another mean trick of aging.

poop in the tub, eh? Sorry about that.
My son is sleeping in underwear tonight. I know I will live to regret that decision.

Okay cooler doula, keep us posted...