Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Miss Lorena and Miss Cassia

Everyday I ask my son how his day went at school and it's gotten to the point where we can actually have a pretty decent conversation about it. I ask about circle time and playing outside and what did he have for snack and did he do an art project and did he cut paper or draw with markers and who was there and who was missing and did he sing songs etc. He always has fun or at least says he has fun which is a relief for a guilt ridden working mom like myself. And I get a fair amount of detail about his day. I always ask who he played with today and he ALWAYS lists the teachers. He almost never mentions any of the other kids. Which makes me wonder if he ever plays with other kids or if he's that kid that the teachers all love but who has no friends. Here's how the conversation goes:

Me: Who did you play with at school?
Him: Miss Lorena
Me: And..
Him: Miss Cassia
Me: And..
Him: Miss Lorena called me a silly goose.
Me: Did you play with Antonio?
Him: No. Miss Lorena went home in her car.
Me: Is MIss Lorean your friend?
Him: Ya. And Miss Cassia.
Me: Did you play with any boys or girls in your class?
Him: Yes, Miss Tina.

When our baby was born and our son was peaking in his terrible two-ness we went to see a counselor to try to figure out what to do with him or what was wrong with him or what we were doing wrong. We described all of his crazy behavior and the counselor said she thought he was a classic example of a "spirited child" which is a nice way to say "pain in the ass". In truth, many of the behaviors she described as "spririted" were spot on - one of which was a preference to be with adults. Spririted children crave predictability and order. And there's nothing less predictable than a toddler. I don't blame him. Toddlers can be scary. I also prefer to hang with adults.

Although I was pleased today when I picked him up to see him sitting next to his pal Ayden, a beautiful and spunky little girl he's known since he started this school a year ago, and they were holding hands. But when I asked him if Ayden was his friend, he said, "ya, and Miss Lorena".


cooler*doula said...

This is funny stuff - I'm so glad I Googled "toddler poops during nap", or I might never have found you. Thanks also to all the other poop Googlers who laid the foundation for those search terms.

So what do you think? Potty aversion for the poop? That's what I'm leaning toward. He's got the pee thing down home and away. And with naps and bedtime, seems you waited until he was waking up dry to make the transition.

Pullups are an outrage, yes.


What did you decide on the parental nudity, by the way?

Inner Toddler said...

girl I have had it up to here with poop. My son had pee pee down for a while and then one day he finally relented and used the potty to poop. I don't try to understand. I just throw my hands up in praise of whatever powers inspired him to sit his tush down and go! One particularly helpful item is a foldable potty seat that I take everywhere. It has elmo and other sesame street characters and I bought it for seven bucks at Babies R Us. It goes on any toilet so he doesn't fall in.

He's still in a diaper at night even though he's always dry because the two times we left him in underwear he peed. Once he pooped and at 5 am I just can't deal. Plus with an infant, it's too much. Although now he wakes me up to pee at night because he can't take off his diaper so I'm thinking we'll lose the diaper and hope for the best.

We're all still naked in my house. Happy to hear your thoughts on the matter. Maybe this winter I'll put my robe on and introduce the concept of privacy, but right now it's too dang hot.