Monday, October 25, 2010

The four day gift


I am moving slowly today. I'm coming off four days with seven sassy women in the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Still marinating in what we created there together. When I got the invitation back in August my husband took one look at it and was like, under no circumstances are you missing this thing. Whoever these women are who thought this up are clearly fabulous. And he was right. All of them fabulous. All of them with special gifts that unfolded beautifully over our long weekend together. There was a rough schedule which we only kind of abided. We mainly let the weather decide if we should go out or stay in. When we went out we took walks and breathed in the lake and bought candy and had moose mochas and admired Scandinavian handicrafts. And when we stayed in there was a lot of creating going on. Bookbinding and collaging and sketching and coloring and beading and inking. Not to mention the hysterical laughter, cooking, dancing, storytelling and sharing. I took advantage of my time away to read and take naps also. It was just what I needed. It was just who I needed too. Thank you Liv, Rachel, Aimee, Jen, Carissa, Kolleen and Lori. Big love to all of you.


Fair Winds






Everything's Rosie said...

So how much glue did you sniff?

rachel awes said...

oh susie, how i love this post
& you & our whole time together
& i'm looooooooped
in the loops of carissa's
hair photo & the loops of
each heart & jar & moment!
loooooove to you, dear friend!

Kelly said...

Sounds so fantastic I don't even have the words for it.
But your hubby said you had to go to this? Wow, awesome support you have there!! That really stood out to me! My hubby would have been like: "you're leaving me for 4 days with the kiddo????"
So happy you had a wonderful time!

AG Ambroult said...

you went too? oh that trip sounds like a dream come true. I will look for my invitation next August thanyouverymuch.

Kolleen said...

no....thank YOU Sus!!!!

it was all
and who
that i needed too!
i am so grateful for all
that those 4 days held for
each of us.

im loopin right along side that sassy beautiful red head!

sending big hugs and lovins your way!!!

elisa said...

Looks like a great time. It's great that you were able to go and that you have such wonderful support from your honey that he said you had to go. Your pictures look great and I can only imagine how beautiful Minnesota looks in the fall.

aimee said...

can you hear my echo? everything you said and more. awesome pics. love carissa's little cinnamon bun hair twists.

Lori said...

Big love back at you! I love your pictures. And your sassy-ness, and your stories and your open-heartedness and that you wear danskos and like mary-janes cause I do too and it makes me feel cool. All of it. What a great post.

painted fish studio said...

it was so wonderful to meet you and spend 4 whole days with you! :)

Carissa said...

Susie, you are the raddest mofo i've ever met. You made me laugh days upon days from the belly w/ a full dish of hilariousness and plenty of Susie stories! I am filled. For sure.

And I'm in love.

Big-big love to you too!

Shannon said...

i'm jealous! how special and wonderful and just plain awesome!!

chrissy said...

oh yum!!!!
so sad to have missed it this time, but i am holding faith that you can have a reunion tour and i will be front and center.
you are a dear.
thank you for your beautiful perspective!

L'Atelier said...

looking so much fun!

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! I just found you and your other retreat amigos via Aimee at Artsyville and have spent the last hour (at work!) reading through some of your older posts (I was trying to find the one where you stopped working and starting working from home as a full time artist). Your stories about your children and life in general make me laugh out loud!

~Valentina~ said...

Susie, I'm so happy for all the post and pictures because I'm feeling I was really there! Well... I was almost there ;)

Love it!!!