Monday, February 2, 2009

Off the Schein

I tell you I am so easily distracted. It's like a disease. I'm constantly checking my email, browsing around the Internet. The damned Internet. Sure I was happy to have it yesterday when our creative director at Shutterfly kept saying, "he needs to just get off the shein" and we all wondered what the hell a schein was so I googled it and it turns out to mean "beautiful" in Yiddish. This, of course, makes no sense in the context of the conversation but given that the creative director is actually not Jewish but likes to throw around Jewish expressions because he thinks it gives him more cache, I am not surprised.

Where was I?

Yes, distracted. In general the Internet is my demise. This is actually the thing that I'm working on with my life coach (I have a life coach). She says it's like a muscle that's clearly atrophied in my case. So I decided that when I'm distracted at my day job I'll either just push through it and actually do my work. Or, like right now, I'll blog (ie. get all the clutter out of my brain) for five minutes and then get back to work. Guess which scenario is more likely.

What did we do before the Internet? A whole lot of nothing I guess. Or maybe we talked to each other and wasted time that way.