Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eat. Play. Dough.

What a great weekend we had. The highlight for today was sitting on our porch reading my new book, Eat Pray Love, which I am enjoying so much, while my daughter played with her play dough. She was in her usual post-nap happy spirits. There was a slight breeze. The play dough was still in a malleable state (which is not always the case after months of non-use). It was divine.

So for an hour I read and she mashed the play dough and mixed up all the colors into a big swirly mess. And then she tried to sort them back into their cylinders. And then she took a taste and grimaced, then laughed. And I laughed. What a great girl. What a treat to spend the whole weekend with her.


Jules said...

I loved this post Susie. It's just so sweet. I hope you and the fam are fantastic!

Bethan said...

Hours like this are bliss. It sounds like you have been building up your Creative Karma and now the God of Play dough has blessed you! What a wonderful weekend you've had.