Sunday, March 9, 2008

Bathtub conversations

I was writing the previous blog while my son was in the tub playing the other night when he started getting into a hard core dramatization with his rubber duckies. So I dropped what I was writing and just started to transcribe. This was his conversation:

  • Did you make poo poo big duck?
  • Yea, you didn't!
  • You're a big boy.
  • You need to go poop in the potty.
  • You're a big duck.
  • Oh no, you made poo poo in the tub little duck!
  • I'm going to put my legs on you because you made poop in the tub and you're a stinko.
  • Guys, stay there, I'm going to put my legs on you.
  • I'm not going to change you because it's not okay.
  • That's so sad.
  • Should I change you? No I'm not.
  • Now you're crying and you want me to change you.
  • Okay fine.
  • Wow, that was a big one little duckie. Let me get the wipes.
  • You're done.
  • Now it's your turn. Oh boy, you need wipes too.
  • You guys are big boys.
  • Oh shoot.
  • Okay, you're done.
  • I have to clean you still okay duckie?
  • You can't swim now because I have to change you because there's poo poo on you.
  • Mommy! I need to get out of the tub because little duck made a poo poo and it's yucky in here now.