Tuesday, July 24, 2007

MAC happy

Is it wrong that I'd rather be playing with my new 20 inch iMac than hanging out with my kids? I haven't used a Mac since I was a sophomore in college15 years ago. The first computer I ever used was a Mac. Actually it was an Apple 2e and I remember that I wrote a paper for 12th grade english on it. Before that I basically wrote everything by hand. I have nice handwriting. But I digress...

The computer belonged to my friend Andrea's mom. Then she upgraded to the little grayish beige box called a Mac and it had a little floppy disc drive which I always thought was so odd since the disc that went in their was not at all floppy. But it wasn't until I went to college that I had to start writing a lot of papers. Totally clueless I asked my Rhetoric professor (who was SOOO cute and named Noah) where the computer lab was and he gave me directions and gave me a diskette and sent me on my way. At that time there were only ten Mac stations and about 30 PC stations in all of the labs. There was always a line for the Macs. So one day I just bit the bullet and hopped on a PC, where I stayed for the next 15 years.

The Mac has changed a lot since the days of black and white screens in a little beige box. This thing is BEAUTIFUL. I'm basically in love. There are a few things I miss - my right click for one. And the photo program, iPhoto, is a little idiosyncratic. But I'm adjusting.

And while I do obviously enjoy spending time with my kids, these last few days what I wouldn't have given for a babysitter. Instead I do everything in my power to make them nap at the same time so I'll have a few precious hours playing with my new toy. My son is on to me I thnk.

Him: Why is baby crying?
Me: She's taking her nap.
Him: But she's crying.
Me: She'll stop soon and take her nap.
Him: Is she ti-yud?
Me: Yes.
Him: Then why is she screaming?
Me: She doesn't know that she needs to sleep but she does and so do you.
Him: So you can use your big, white computer?



Julie said...

Because it's after 4am and I'm having a rare bout of insomnia, I can't tell you how I discovered your blog - but I'm definitely enjoying it.

I'm a long term Mac user - just after college I had an old Apple and then a boyfriend had a Mac and I've been using one ever since. I've spent many years defending Macs to PC users - so I have one little tidbit that might help you with the transition.

Get a PC mouse. They work perfectly fine with Macs and you get the convenience of your right-click back.

I never understood the appeal of the right-click until just this week. I bought a little mini-mouse to use with my Powerbook and after a few days of just ignoring that right button, I finally started using it and I have to admit, it's pretty nice.

Susie Lubell said...

thanks for the tip. I bought a little wireless mac mouse that I'm pretty happy with and I'm getting used to the control click for my pop up menu.

The thing that bugs me more is iphoto. Do you have a better software solution for photos? I can't import my 5,000+ photos from my external hard drive without flattening all of the sub folders. Annoying!

I'm easily annoyed.
I'm glad you're liking the blog.