Sunday, July 1, 2007

I can't believe you just peed on me

I came to understand a new feature of the male anatomy this evening. We've been potty training my son for the last few months and are currently in a set back period after a stressful experience with an airplane lavatory. We're basically back to square one after having weeks of successful potty encounters. One look at the lavatory and all of our hard work went, literally, down the toilet. Now I can't even get my son to go near the potty. And he has the nerve to demand to be changed the minute he's finished his business.

Tonight, after a long fun day in Santa Cruz with friends, he had a bath with his aba (dad) and asked mommy to put on his pajamas. As I was putting on his pull-up (don't even get me started on pull-ups), he started to pee into the pull-up. The rest of the conversation goes like this:

Me: Are you kidding me?
Him: I made a pee pee.
Me: Do you still have more pee pee?
Him: No, change me mommy!
Me: Are you done making pee pee?
Him: Change me mommy!

I take off the now wet pull-up and notice that his penis is sort of dripping so I try to cover it with the wet pull-up. It stops dripping. I go to get another pull-up and come back and he's now peeing on the carpet. So I put the pull-up to his crotch and tell him to stop (genius, I know). He stops and keeps dripping. So I get closer to put the new pull-up on him and he pees all over me.

Me: I can't believe you just peed on me!
Him: Where's the red spray cleaner?

Who knew that penises drip when there's still pee pee in there? And how would I know that? Why do I even bother with potty training? He'll figure it out eventually right? I mean, there were no kids in my high school class who didn't know how to use a potty. A big toilet even. We ALL figured it out. I'm sure my son will figure this one out too. He figured out the red spray bottle was carpet cleaner. He's no dummy right? My husband doesn't even know that...and HE makes pee pee on the potty all the time.

I need a shower.


Anonymous said...

used carpet wonderfull to supress weeds in garden. father of six

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