Thursday, July 19, 2012

Today is the twentieth

Rene, Harry and Stanley, circa 1942

Twenty years is a long time.
A lot can happen in twenty years.
You could graduate from college.
You could travel in South America for six months.
You could move to Jerusalem.
You could meet the love of your life.
You could travel together around the world.
You could move back to America.
Get a masters.
Marry the love of your life.
Start a career.
Buy a house.
Have a son.
Have a daughter.
Start a new career.
Have another son.
Sell your house. 
Move back to Israel.
Start over.

Twenty years is For. Ever.
And yet it's gone like that. poof.
Twenty years is today.
I was 18.
Now I'm 38.
It's a long time to be missing your dad.

And an even longer time to be missing your son.
So while I am profoundly sad to have lost my grandmother two weeks ago at age 91, part of me is glad that in my childish vision of the next world, she and my father and my grandfather are together again raising their martini glasses to their legacy. L'chaim guys.




holly said...

beautiful. your words. your thoughts. but especially the photos - that really shows spark they both had. i have seen that light elsewhere on this page. that kind of fire never dies. xo

Desert Savta said...

You and your beautiful family and your words of memory are a tribute to your dad.

aimee said...

these are amazing pictures...beautifully written words...their spirit lives on in you!

susieT said...

shmoop. can't believe it's been that long. i remember how strong you were and how little i understood about what you were going through. so sorry to hear about your grandmother but what a looker!

Stuart said...

Couldn't have said it better than all the above comments. Interesting how some characteristics carry through - like I see Johnny in the face of your grandfather Uncle Stuart

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Everything's Rosie said...

Well, I'll say it once again...whose child are you anyway? What a beautiful story and memories! The pictures are priceless; your words are a gift. I will have to reread this many times over. I would love to be in your brain for just one day. And I can't wait to see that brain in just a few days. With love and hugs...

AG Ambroult said...

wow. those pictures are everything at once - fabulous, heartwarming, telling. You must cherish them so. Sorry to hear of the loss of your grandmother but yes, she is not alone.

Faith Evans-Sills said...

What a beautiful touching post, and I LOVE the old photos!!!