Saturday, May 19, 2012

Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint, Adam Sher
Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv (piece by Adam Sher)

Today was another fun day in Tel Aviv, best city in the world. Every time we go and I tell Mr. Rosen that I want to move there, he makes excuses for the awesomeness. Like, well today is the sabbath so there's not much traffic. Or this is an unusually cool day for May. I don't buy it. Tel Aviv is rad and that's all there is to it. I lived there in 1998 so I should know. Although we both recalled how I hated it. But I think that's because I had a crappy room in a crappy apartment with crappy roommates and a crappy job and my boyfriend lived in another crappy city...and my crappy bike was stolen...

But this day was totally non-crappy. First a lovely birthday party for our two-year old friend Liri whose parents we adore (Dad is also a fairly recent transplant from the SF Bay Area so we are grateful to have him in country). And then Mr. Rosen took the big kids to the beach and me and Toothy McSlobberChops met a friend at the Fresh Paint Contemporary Art Fair in North Tel Aviv. There was a lot of cool stuff to be sure, but yes, there was also a lot of art that, while technically impressive and/or interesting and/or creative, was not especially attractive. Alas, beauty is in the eye of the beholder of thousands of shekels. This art was not cheap.  But it was a lot of fun to see what's new and fresh on the Israeli art scene. The place was mobbed and we were kind encumbered with our babies in their strollers, but we maneuvered in and out of rooms and saw quite a bit of the fair. Here's a sampling...

Fresh Paint, Yonatan Levy
Yonatan Levy

Fresh Paint, Adi Shalmon
Adi Shalmon

Fresh Paint, Barak Bendel
Barak Bendel

Fresh Paint, Boaz Noy
Boaz Noy

Fresh Paint, Yuri Katz
Yuri Katz

Fresh Paint, Hila Laviv
Hila Laviv

Fresh Paint, Ran Barlev
Ran Barlev

Fresh Paint, Yonatan Ullman
Yonatan Ullman

Fresh Paint, Shlomi Nisim
Shlomi Nisim


Everything's Rosie said...

Loved some of the bold abstract art the best plus the last one.

Sarit said...

If it's any consolation, bike theft is still a major issue in Tel-Aviv, so at least you're missing that by living elsewhere. My brother had 3 bikes stolen over a period of a year or two.