Friday, January 6, 2012

A few things to smile about

Mr. Happy Pita Man

OK. Here is why me and Mr. Pita Face are smiling:

  • I'm reading this book and it's great. I haven't read a book since Jumbo babypants was born so it's kind of nice.
  • Aimee just gave up the goods over at Artsyville. Her online workshop Three Little Words is posted and you can use her wordy workouts to get your poet mojo flow-jo. 
  • I just signed up for Liv Lane's e-course Building a Blog You Truly Love because Liv Lane is one of the most authentic, hard-working, creative, savvy and inspiring people I know. I saw this post featuring some of the content and decided it was a must.  Her class starts January 9th so there's still time to sign up.
  • Did you know that my brother has a blog? He lives in Mexico and runs a small hotel, surfs and plays piano. We live very different lives. That was an understatement of epic proportion. Go read his stuff and see what I mean. Tell him I said hi.


rachel awes said...

+ i'm smiling because you are mentioning these LOVELY people + because YOU are here. xox

free range chick said...

I just stumbled across your blog- what lovely place this is.
I will defintly be back for more.
...I had to laugh about the inner toddler...too funny. As a mom of 4 I know that all so well..hehe.