Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dear California

Santa Cruz

Hi there. How are you? 72 degrees and sunny as always? Just checking in before we fly out tonight. I've been thinking about you a lot and how much we've been through together. I know I haven't always been your most loyal resident. Remember how I used to wear long sleeves and turtlenecks year round in elementary school and tell people I was originally from New Hampshire? Sorry about that. But in my defense I was never exactly your type, at least as far as appearances go. I never tanned. I was a freckle puss from day one practically. I hated the beach and no one was watching out for my skin. It was the seventies and eighties after all. So I figured we might as well go our separate ways.

But I was so wrong! There is so much more to you than your constant sunshine. I love your fruits and vegetables. I love your ocean cliffs. I love your elephant seals. I love your national parks. I love Disneyland. I love your beach boardwalks, your Hollywood hoopla and your spring skiing. I love your taquerias, your dim sum, your In-N-Out, your pho, your pad thai, your chicken tikka masala, your sushi, your grass fed beef and your tofu. I even love your neon strip malls. How's that for devotion?

So for the record I'm sorry I once wished I was from the east coast. It was immature. Now I realize just how much you have given me and how much you have to offer yet. I'll be back one day.

love always,


Handmade in Israel said...

Safe journey - we have sushi here too ;)

Everything's Rosie said...

Love what you wrote. So true.
Abrazos y besitos a todos,

tu mamacita.

AG Ambroult said...

bon voyage!

Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

Oh Suzie - I am wrapping you all up in light, envisioning a happy journey and knowing you'll build an amazing life together in Israel. California won't be as bright {in more ways than one} without you there. xoxo

Faith Evans-Sills said...

Beautiful ode to your home state...and Cali will always be there to welcome you! I'm so excited for your family's new beginning and can't wait to following along!! Here's to jumping of the high dive!