Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lumpy birthday to me

Happy birthday

Yes, today is my birthday. And my adorable southpaw baby boy gave me mastitis in my right boob. He prefers the left. Good times.

For my birthday I also reopened my shop and restocked it with all of your favorite prints and cards and for TODAY ONLY (possibly tomorrow if I can unplug these milk ducts) I'm offering 38% off (maybe you can guess why). Go here and use this code: BIRTHDAY38 and get those new baby and wedding gifts off your back, get all of your Jewish New Year cards and gifts out of the way and then reward yourself for being so on top of your gift giving obligations. Go crazy!

If you need me, I'll be alternating warm and cold compresses between pumping, massaging and nursing.


guatemama said...

OMG Susie...I love your blog - it totally brightens my day! Happy birthday lady!
This entry is particularly of interest to me as Jaro was a performance nibbler and I swear I had mastitis pretty much every month. The only thing that worked for me was massaging the hell out of the boob in a scalding shower and a couple of advil! Ahhhhh, good luck - can't wait to meet the new little one!

rachel awes said...

happy birthday, beautiful!
so mastitis sorry!
love your cake/love your etsy/
love your heart beat.

AG Ambroult said...

good times. Good. freaking. breastfeeding times.
Happy birthday and happy shop re-opening, too.

heather said...

HI there I just found you and HAD to tell you just how much I love your blog and your art work! Everything is so happy and upbeat...I just fell in love! Thank you for putting such "pretty" out into the world! Happy happy Birthday!

The Kid In The Front Row said...

holy crap that looks DELICIOUS.

Leaves and Feathers said...

Happy Birthday, I hope that it was full of rest and that you sent the mastitis packing, ugh, been there!