Thursday, August 4, 2011


Buried in Yachats

A few pics from our four days with old friends on the Oregon coast. And even though our beach house had seen better days, like maybe in the fifties, we were right near the water and had a giant lawn to ourselves where we did yoga every morning and let the kids run free. We even got together with a family from Corvalis whom we had met ten years ago in New Zealand. Besides sleeping in their garage a few nights when we couldn't find a place to stay in Christchurch, we spent an incredible day together kayaking with dolphins in Akarora. And now, ten years and three kids later, another memorable day on the other side of the Pacific.


Kayaking on Oregon Coast


Anonymous said...

From the family who allowed you haven in Christchurch, these guys really do mean it when they say if you offer a place they may just take you up on it. But we are oh so glad to have made the offer and to have had a bit of a reunion as well. Enjoy the rest of your travels. --Sue

aimee said...

you are now officially my superhero -- even an infant in tow could not squelch your need to travel! so glad you got away!