Saturday, July 30, 2011

Road Trip

Northbound Golden Gate Bridge
Northbound over the Golden Gate Bridge

We are on the road! Our baby turned eight weeks and we thought, shoot. Maybe we should take a roadtrip! Isn't that what most folks do with their infants? In July my brother-in-law and his family drove out to California to meet the baby in their crazy giant Sportsmobile van and now we're spending all of August driving it back to them in a very roundabout manner (via Oregon). I had hoped to post at least a picture everyday but finding wifi along the way is proving to be difficult. So I will just back date posts in batches whenever there's time.

Our first stop is Cazadero, a mountaintop hamlet near the Russian River in Sonoma county and home to our friends Danny and Tara. We met them five years ago at a cafe nearby and all fell in love. They said we were welcome to come back and visit anytime, which we have. Let this be a lesson to those of you who casually make this type of offer to us. We will likely come so the offer best be sincere.

I'm actually writing this on my phone as I sit in a little town on the Oregon coast. We're all smiles over here. Even Mr. Crampy Pants.


Anonymous said...

So how do you all sleep in this sportsmobile? Is it like an RV?
Linda Bergthold

Susan said...

Susie, you're welcome to come and visit anytime!!!

AG Ambroult said...

well than. You are all welcome to come visit and stay with US anytime! And I write this knowing full well that you might just someday take us up on the offer. (But you might be sleeping in the chicken coop.)

AG Ambroult said...

um. THEN. well THEN.