Sunday, March 15, 2009

Name game

I painted some new designs last week and got them on the web this weekend. Enjoy. I think my favorite thing about this product line - the name prints - is that I get to use all the names in the samples that I would have wanted to use for my own kids had I married an American. I was never the type who had elaborate plans for my wedding day nor dreams about having babies. But I will say that I did play MASH as a girl where you draw a square and pick future spouses and future cars and future kids and you had to pick one clunker for every category. MASH stood for Mansion, Apartment, Shack and House (please tell me other people played this game...). The clunker in the car category was always a "pool man" car, whatever that was. (a camino maybe?) So I definitely had kid names in my head for a to be determined future date when I'd have a few to name, not realizing I'd be marrying an Israeli with his own ideas about baby names. Or anyone for that matter who might have ideas that were different than mine. Preposterous!

Anyway, these fun little drawings let me finally use my names. Lucky me!


Anonymous said...

Could you BE more talented?! I love these! -Rebeca

Anonymous said...

I played Mash too, but it was a little bit different. Can't remember the designs. I definitely spread the word to my friends.